i think this is how digital humanities has changed the critical theories map. the internet helps bring different cultures and people together. then theres the analyzers of data and with practically everything that was in print flooding the digital world it helps compiling data a lot easier. things like google ngram an show us how easy it is the analyze the usage of certain words throughout the years and comparing similar words. then you got wordle where you can see how frequent certain words pop up in literature. it could help us find out what kind of topics will be in the literature.

web wednesday assignment

when andevers talked about the death penalty being a machine. nancyhightower makes a comparison which is a simile because she used the word like.

the comparison being made that disciplining a child is similar to a jail sentence makes this a metaphor.

the tip of the iceberg is a synedoche because its just a small part of the iceberg. the tip is whats seen while theres something bigger underneath the surface.

the justice system isnt living or alive. the tweet saying that the system should die is using personification.

The people that are talking about the Troy Davis case are not sure if justice was served or not. They are expressing doubt on the whether it was just or unjust to execute a man that has a lot of doubt on the verdict.

stories i want to read about

i originally wanted to read 1984 by George Orwell or Fahrenheit 451 by Ray Bradbury. i like reading dystopias and anything about the government. i feel like these books are showing us whats going on in the world today and the authors back then actually knew it was gonna happen. i read Fahrenheit 451 back in highschool and how the consensus back then thought it was about censorship. i feel like theres more to it than censorship. the dumbing down of society and to keep us “distracted”.

I was also thinking of reading something by Ernest Hemingway. this post by Jim Quinn of the Burning Platform made me appreciate him. His quotes just stood out to me. http://www.zerohedge.com/news/guest-post-old-man-and-sea-2011.

im currently leaning towards In the Penal Colony by Franz Kafka. im a little sketchy about it because its originally in german and to get a really good understanding of literature i feel like it needs to be read in its original language.

my thoughts on web wednesdays

Web Wednesdays is very interesting. This is my first time in an online/hybrid course and my first time using twitter. the transition in the beginning was a little hard but im getting used to it. creating a blog was kinda difficult. the internet portion of this course is very interesting to me because since we are online, we dont have time to read another persons writing or ideas to piggy back and tweek it a little to make it our own. we are thinking for ourselves for the most part.

Globalization is turning out to be a big ponzi scheme


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