October, 2011

Lots of Writing – The Annotated Paragraph

The following excerpt is taken from The Penal Colony
What is the sentence?” the Traveller asked. “You don’t even know that?” asked the Officer in astonishment and bit his lip . “Forgive me if my explanations are perhaps confused. I really do beg your pardon. Previously it was the Commandant’s habit to provide such explanations. But the New Commandant has excused himself from this honorable duty. However, the fact that with such an eminent visitor”—the Traveller tried to deflect the honour with both hands, but the Officer insisted on the expression—“that with such an eminent visitor he didn’t even once make him aware of the form of our sentencing is yet again something new, which. . . .” He had a curse on his lips, but controlled himself and said merely: “I was not informed about it. It’s not my fault. In any case, I am certainly the person best able to explain our style of sentencing, for here I am carrying”—he patted his breast pocket—“the relevant diagrams drawn by the previous Commandant.”

the semioticians method of language

1. Read through the piece of literature.
2. Find words that have symbols attached to it.
3. Separate the ones that have a physical connection to the word like a sign or thing (denotative symbols) and the ones that have no signifier like an idea or the word justice.
4. analyze the words individually and then analyze the line that the word was put in.
5. reread the poem with the symbols analyzed.

hover annotation

Or what strong hand can hold his swift foot back,

i think this is how digital humanities has changed the critical theories map. the internet helps bring different cultures and people together. then theres the analyzers of data and with practically everything that was in print flooding the digital world it helps compiling data a lot easier. things like google ngram an show us how easy it is the analyze the usage of certain words throughout the years and comparing similar words. then you got wordle where you can see how frequent certain words pop up in literature. it could help us find out what kind of topics will be in the literature.

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